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There are many Florence Italy rental opportunities to try the experience of local life in this charming City and surrounding area. A holiday in Florence is not complete without experiencing all that this region has to offer in terms of history, art, literature, good food and wine.

All of Tuscany is famous for his beautiful landscapes. It has been birthplace of great talented artists, painters like Donatello, Cimabue, Giotto, Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci; musicians like Pietro Mascagni, Giacomo Puccini and writers such as Niccolo' Macchiavelli and Dante Alighieri.

All the region is characterized by harmonious hills where the atmosphere is relaxed and rent a place to stay will change the way you travel to this beautiful part of Italy. There are charming luxury villas, country houses of all sizes and apartments for all needs, all an excellent starting point for excursions and itineraries to enchanting villages.

Piazza della Signoria - Florence Italy rental

Piazza della Signoria - 2 apartments
Sleeps 8

Set in the Florence town centre, in the heart of art and history, the Signoria flats hold pieces of culture and life moments lost in time, an unmissable appointment between past and future, a hug that passes through the ongoing moments. Read more...

Florence - View of flats building
Florence - Piazza della Signoria bedroom

Florence - Ponte Vecchio

Appuntamento al David - 3 apartments
Sleeps 12

The Duomo, Dante and David, Florence Italy rental apartments, can be found in the very historical town centre, between the Duomo and the Museo dell'Accademia (Academy Museum).They are the ideal solution of tourist rent for a quiet and comfortable stay in the heart of the city of art of Florence. Read more...

Florence Italy Rental - Appuntamento al David
Florence Italy rental - Dante Apartment

Florence Italy rental - River Arno

Le Grazie 1 apartment
Sleeps 5

The apartment is situated on the first floor of an ancient palace near Piazza Santa Croce, typical area of the historical center. It has a beautiful view on the river Arno and on the hill of San Miniato al Monte (Piazzale Michelangelo). Read more...

Florence Italy rental - Le Grazie
Florence Italy Rental Le Grazie apartment

Florence Italy rental - Santa Croce

Croci 1 apartment
Sleeps 3

Beautiful view over the famous Piazza Santa Croce with the ancient world famous Cathedral. In a few steps you can reach the river Arno, Piazza della Signoria and the National Library (Biblioteca Nazionale).
Read more..

Florence Italy rental Croci apartment
Florence Italy rental - Santa Croce apartment

Isidoro apartments Florence Italy rental

Isidoro 2 apartments
Sleeps 8

Nice property situated on the hills surrounding Florence, 15 km away from Florence city center. All of the 2 apartments are nicely furnished in a Tuscan country style. This property offers a nice garden with panoramic views and a shared swimming-pool.

Isidoro apartments Florence area
Florence Italy rental - Isidoro apartments

Tuscany Villas

Villa Fiorentina, San Polo in Chianti, Tuscany

Villa Fiorentina (Chianti area)
Sleeps 18

Historic and beautiful Villa dating back to the 11th century, situated in a panoramic location 12 km (7,46 mi) away from Florence.

Villa Fiorentina Chianti Area
Villa Fiorentina Tuscany - Chianti area

Villa Felciai Tuscany - Chianti area

Villa Felciai (Chianti area)
Sleeps 24

The Villa dominate two hills with a 360° degree panorama that overlooks all the beautiful surrounding area. This charming Villa has interior decors with typical terracotta floors and Tuscan style beamed and vaulted ceilings. Read More...

Villa Felciai Chianti Area Tuscany
Villa Felciai Chianti  area Florence Italy rental

Villa Ruffignano Cortona area - Tuscany

Villa Ruffignano (Arezzo-Cortona area)
Sleeps 18

The Villa is immersed in an Area of 100 hectars of natural beauty which could be discovered on foot or by riding a horse.Villa Ruffignano is a luxury property in a quiet location, ideal for just relax and enjoiyng life. Read more...

Interior of Villa Ruffignano Cortona Tuscany
Italy rental Villa Ruffignano

More Tuscany Villas

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