Travel Guide to Italy

There are many ways visit this Country, and in this travel guide to Italy you will discover how to reach it and how to move around.

Italy is well connected by air to the rest of the world, but you can also get there by train through the dense network of highways, or by sea.

Even travel within the Italian territory is easy, there are flights between all major cities with frequent daily flights. The railway network, then, covers more than 15,000 kilometers.

Travelling throughout the country is convenient thanks to the dense network of motorways, highways and roads that allows you to easily reach all the corners of the peninsula. The ferry services are connecting with frequency and speed all the islands to the mainland and the major coastal cities.


By Air

The main points of arrival in Italy are the intercontinental and international Airport "Leonardo da Vinci" in Rome (Fiumicino Airport FCO*) and Milan (Malpensa Airport MXP*), but almost all of the many Italian airports have international connections.
(International Airport Code)*

The selection of both traditional companies and lowcost flights lines is extensive and covers a wide range of destinations. Italy is connected by air with most of the European countries and all continents. Visiting the websites of major and lowcost airlines, you can get more information on routes, timetables, prices and availability. All airports are served by an extensive network of buses, taxis or trains, which allow you to arrive at the final destination with relative ease.

Flying inside Italy

Travelling in Italy by Air is easy, thanks to a wide range of flights and carriers in all Country.
The italian airports are almost forty of medium and small size. Many are the connections between the cities as they are frequent the services from Rome and Milan to all the other Italian airports. The extensive network also connects the peninsula with Sicily and Sardinia and the smaller islands.

By Car

If you are coming from any european Country You could use your own car to reach Italy and it is a good way to visit italy. For a repair whilst here there are main dealers in every City, and usually most local garages supply a competent service.

Car Hire, Rent

Some of the largest car rental companies have services available at most airports.

By Train

Several international trains arrive in Italy every day, connecting the peninsula with West and Eastern Europe, across the borders from France, Switzerland, Austria and Slovenia.

Italy is well served by Intercity and local trains and there are also high speed train lines serving the main cities.

By Sea

Travelling to Italy by sea is definitely a memorable way to get here. It is an experience not to be missed: on the Mediterranean waves, on board of comfortable boats, choosing the oldest and most attractive means of travel.

You could reach Italy by cruise line, by ferry to and from the islands or via an european sea network, short sea shipping.

Before leaving, however, it is necessary to inquire about the international routes that include stops in Italian ports and relative crossing timetables.

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