Italy Small Hotels

Italy small hotels are friendly accommodation places that can offer a genuinely personal welcome. You will find that you can save money without sacrificing comfort, taking advantage of the family run genuine cuisine and constant attention of the "host".

Who says that luxury must be allways expensive? In Italy there are small-sized hotels between provididing the comfort of big hotels and at very reasonable cost.

Quality and hospitality at affordable price. Small hotels are different from large organized tourist resorts: they are allways family-run (in most cases a member of the family is personally cooking and supervising the hotel kitchen).

Search and find your hotel in Italy.

The small hotels, in addition to the principles of tradition have very often young, dynamic and attentive management to innovation: weekly parties, special offers for young people and families will allow you to choose the holiday best suited to you.

The small quality hotels have human dimension size, they conceive hospitality in a friendly and personalized way. The familiar informal reception, the warmth and, not least, genuine cuisine mainly based on typical dishes of the local traditional cuisine, are the characteristics that give you the comfort of a real home: your house.

Italy small hotels offer a variety of treatment solutions: they are ranging from simple bed and breakfast or half board, to full board or full board including drinks with meals, to get to the more modern and sought-All inclusive (with drinks and beach umbrella and loungers on the beach).

The manager of a small hotel is like a craftsman, he is focused on the quality of the services, usually with a vocational attitude, based on craft, flexibility and the ability of manage the unexpected as natural endowments, the same qualities that characterize the Italian business model.

Unlike what happens in large complexes, the the heart of small hotels is not the room, but the owner itself, often his family, his hobbies, or it can be the kitchen, the atmosphere that characterizes the "home." A small hotel is not only a service to tourists, but it is also a social and cultural coverage of an area in every corner of Italy.

A small hotel much more than a large is able to provide the atmosphere and the products of an italian region and express its culture. More than any other structure a small hotel has a soul, an identity.

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