Italian dressing recipe

This is a real, simple and typical Italian dressing recipe to be easily prepared and added just before eating a classic Italian salad.

All over the world there are all kinds of salad dressings, and I've also tried some good one: they are available in all sort of taste and colors, from white to red to blue to yellow and there is also the ready-made "Italian dressing".

The ready-made sauces however contain many ingredients (just read the packages), added for storage, such as antioxidants, stabilizers, surfactants, preservatives, thickeners, flavor enhancers, artificial colors.

What about your health?

They say it takes 4 people to make Italian salad dressing:
a stingy for vinegar, a wise man for salt, a generous for oil and a crazy man to mix fast.


• Extra virgin olive oil

• White wine vinegar or balsamic vinegar

• Salt very little bit

• ground pepper to taste

Variations and add ons

• Lemon juice or apple vinegar instead of wine vinegar

• Spices like oregano instead of salt

• 1 tea spoon of mustard

To make it mix well, put the salt needed (a little) in a small bowl and add a little bit of vinegar (for a large bowl of salad, 1-2 tea spoons are enough), stir to dissolve the salt, pour it over the salad in a bigger bowl, then ground pepper and stir; finally add 1-2 tablespoons of olive oil.

If you put the oil first, the vegetables would be covered by a veil and not absorb the others flavors. Made in the proper way, at the bottom of the bowl should not be extra dressing.

The salad should be served with just a little salt (you can even substitute it with spices) but a moderate usage of extra virgin olive is good, because in the salad are present fat-soluble vitamins that without the addition of a small amount of oil would not be absorbed. To further flavor the salad you can use apple cider vinegar which helps to burn fat, or lemon juice, rich in vitamin C and antioxidant, it can detoxify the body and help to absorb the iron in vegetables.

Buon appetito!

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