Italy Videos

In this selection of Italy videos, you will have an introduction to Italy, called the most beautiful country in the World.

The first video is one minute journey from the North to the South of Italy, with its great variety of landscapes, cities and monuments, breathtaking panoramas and folk festivals, italian fashion and handicraft, great food and good wine, which makes Italy an even more attractive place to visit, to live and explore.

One Minute Video

The Italian nature is a focal point with its mountains, lakes, seas that surround it and the natural treasures are protected through hundreds of parks and reserves.

Each region of Italy has its own traditions, unique heritage with treasures scattered in all cities and villages, each with its own folklore, festivals and traditional celebrations that only emphasize the diversity of each place.

Italian Regions

Italy has its cultural roots in the Roman civilization. Rome, the capital of one of the greatest empires, is the center of spectacular scenery with dynamic bridges along the river Tiber, the ruins of the Roman Forum, the Collosseum and the Vatican Museums.

A trip to Italy is also an artistic journey. The artistic treasures of all time are so many and so widespread, that Italy can be considered a real open air museum and art gallery. Italy is the country in the world that has the largest number of sites listed by Unesco World Heritage.

Beautiful Sardinia:

Sardinia is located in the center of the Mediterranean, with a mainly mountainous territory, but without high peaks, offering the visitor a unique natural environment, at the same time bitter and sweet, with beautiful scenery.

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