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Italy Facts and Information

Italy facts and information from a native Italian about culture, food and lifestyle. Tourist attractions and tours, luxury villas/resorts and hotels.

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Italy Video, a nice selection to see Italy's beauty.

On a series of Italy video you can have a taste of this wonderful Country.

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Italy Facts Blog, dedicated to the wonders of Italy.

This Italy Facts blog is aimed at those interested in the beauty of Italy.

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ANNUNCIO GRATUITO: Io do i miei cuccioli a causa di un trasferimento, e non posso portarli con me. Sono cuccioli pieni di energia, affettuosi e socievoli.


Malcesine Italy, Pearl of Lake Garda.

We keep returning to Malcesine, called the pearl of lake Garda, because we love this small ancient town and we love the people.

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Rome with kids : preparation and tips

Fresh from our trip to Rome and we can tell you as have been our days in this great European capital, a destination that we wanted for a long time and

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Europe travel resources, web sites with good travel information about Europe

The Europe Travel Resources in this page are personally reviewed from me, all this people have a great passion from what they are doing...

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Hotels in Italy, Price Comparison and Reservation

Find all the hotels in Italy, compare hotel rates and make your reservation.

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Vicenza Italy

Vicenza is a city of art, located in the center of the region Veneto, in 1994, declared by UNESCO World Heritage Site for the masterpieces of the architect

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Contact Me on

Contact Me information for

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Italian Translator

Hello. My name is Matteo and I am a freelance translator. I would like to invite you to visit my website, in case you need some Italian translation services

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Italy post, add your article about Italy.

The Italy Post & Stories is an open space to share your story and comments about Italy.

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Italian Food Culture

The Italian cuisine is made of and full of Italian food culture.

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The Dolomites, fabulous mountains.

The Dolomites are imposing mountains in northern Italy, between three regions: Friuli Venezia Giulia, Trentino Alto Adige-Suedtirol and Veneto

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Venice Italy Map: the city of Canals

Venice Italy map with information, description of the City, pictures and tips.

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