Rome with kids : preparation and tips

by Gavin

Fresh from our trip to Rome and we can tell you as have been our days in this great European capital, a destination that we wanted for a long time and at last we happen to know. But this article and the next let that focus solely on our experience in the eternal city from a different perspective and we have gone to Rome with children , and of course, the trip has changed a lot to do without them, the visits could not be the same and the pace has had to adapt to the smallest. But I have one thing clear: you can travel with kids.

Rome is a very large capital, full of history, monuments and hundreds of places and attractions worth seeing and where each step one is a marvel. To understand, to go a few days we can know very little and always have many things to see and do, the ideal reason to return someday. What I will tell you here is my personal experience of a few days in Rome with the family, from the preparations to a few tips to enjoy Rome. It is not necessarily the same for all households (among other things because I have twins of 3 years and a half) but if you can come in handy to go with children of a similar age or slightly older. We started to travel to Rome with children.

Preparing to go to Rome with children

As with any trip, before starting preparations are essential if all goes well at the destination. But to go with children there are aspects to look more and there are certain things we can not forget. For this it is essential that we make a list with things that our children will need for the trip, lest we forget at home (in Rome anyway, as in almost all parts of the world, you can buy same things in our city). In our list, along with the appropriate clothing for the month of February, we have taken a mini kit with the main medicines for children, thermometer, wipes, bandages, gauze a bottle warmer if you do take it, baby food and milk if they are very small (can that selling in Rome do not like) and everything you need in case of illness of the child. And do not forget the European health insurance card , essential for health care in the field of the European Union.

We bought two strollers lightweight and easy to fold to get around Rome since our twins shopping had become very difficult mobility. Rome is full of cobblestone, narrow pavements and often there is not much room to maneuver with a stroller. Moreover, in many of the visits allow the cart but plenty stairs (or Colosseum Vatican Museums). In others, however, will have to leave the stroller on consignment (St. Peter's Basilica and Castel Sant Angello). And if the weather forecast is rain and cold, you have to wear for kids carts bubble rain and a small blanket , going over basic cold and drenched.

You have to speak before the trip where we go, how we should behave on an airplane, you're going to see things as spoken in the country where we go, you can eat ..... In short, prepare the body and delude ourselves with the trip. My children certainly have come to journey with tremendous enthusiasm and has been for the better.

Important bring small toys, pencils and notebooks or books of his age to be entertained on the plane, waiting hours and during some visits. Every child is a world but we have been good to take objects that are entertained. I include the Ipad , a great tool with lots of options for entertaining the child but also for learning.

You can hire a car with : to enjoy your trip in Rome and across Italy.

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