Aosta Valley Italy

Aosta Valley Italy is the smallest Italian region and is located in the middle of the Alps, north-west of the Country, surrounded by four of the highest mountains of all Italy and Europe bordering France and Switzerland.

It is a continuous succession of snow-capped peaks, majestic glaciers, streams, pastures and forests, castles, villages, rustic homes, ancient ruins and luxury hotels, roads that climb on steep slopes and through the mountains, valleys and rivers.

The huge belt of mountains slope down in large sunny basins or narrow and rocky gorges.

The more elevated sections of the Graeae Alps, with the Gran Paradiso (4061 m) and Mont Blanc (4810 m), and the Pennine Alps, with the Matterhorn (4478 m) and Monte Rosa (4,633 m), form a semicircle that encloses the main valley, crossed by a river: the Baltea.

The Baltea goes down from the Mont Blanc and it receives numerous tributaries from the left and right (Buthier, Marmora, Lys), which originate from very picturesque glaciers and valleys.

So, in a wide valley of Baltea converge, arranged almost in a herringbone pattern, other valleys, including from left: the Valley of the Great St. Bernard, Valpelline, Valtournenche, Val d'Ayas, Gressoney Valley ; and right: the Valley of La Thuile, Valgrisenche, Val di Cogne.

The Baltea river, in Pont-Saint-Martin exit the Valle d'Aosta and enters the territory of Piedmont, where it flows into the Po. The Aosta Valley is one of the most renowned tourist areas of Europe.

Backed by an excellent organization and hospitality facilities for the reception of tourists in both winter and summer, the region attracts a large number of visitors, thanks to the beauty of the landscape and the accessibility of places. Tourism provides many jobs and is the main source of income for the region.

Courmayeur, a jewel village of the region is considered one of the most important ski resorts in the world and the cradle of alpinism, here started the first school for mountaineers.
In the context of its towering mountains and beautiful valleys is placed the first Italian National Park established in 1922, the Gran Paradiso where you can observe animals in their natural habitat: deer, golden eagles, marmots and of course the wild goat, the symbol of the park.

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